FE-Union Daniel Franitza and Bernd Epperlein GbR is your strong partner in Research and Development. Our skills lie in technical calculations that we use to support your design processes. More than 15-years of professional experience in the development of rail vehicles and mechanical-engineering provides multi-layered engineering knowledge. Our daily claim is precise project work for sustainable results and satisfied customers, who we treat with respect and honesty as a homogeneous team.

We – Dr.-Ing. habil. Daniel Franitza and Dipl.-Ing. Bernd Epperlein – have set up our head office in the Technologie Centrum in the south of Chemnitz, Saxony


Our spectrum of services covers analyses for mechanical parts and assemblies using static and dynamic strength calculations as well as endurance and fatigue investigations. These make it possible to decide whether the components used can withstand existing loads or whether and where it is necessary to modify them. According to the results of the analysis, the parts can be optimised in terms of their mass or manufacturing process.

Structural-dynamics investigations of parts and assemblies allow us to determine their behaviour under vibrational excitation. This is particularly useful for avoiding undesirable oscillations and eigenfrequencies or to rule out plastic deformations, which could otherwise lead to component failures.

Fluid-dynamics simulations allow the flow within a component to be optimised in terms of particle and/or heat transport. This allows the circulation in or around components to be adjusted so as to ensure sufficient cooling, for example.

Further services are provided in partnership with external partners, such as multibody simulations for vehicle dynamics or measurement of vibrations and data acquisition for load determinations.

We integrate the analytical process right from the optimisation stage, so that you get a product that meets your requirements and suits your technological options and we can present you with solution approaches from the outset that are practical and feasible for manufacture.

As a rule, you will get the documentation of our work in the form of a high-quality, detailed report in the language of your choice, which can be submitted to regulatory authorities without further modification.

We will be happy to advise you if you have further questions, just get in touch.

Strength Checks

  • Strength analyses using the finite-element method (FEM) with linear/non-linear boundary conditions and/or non-linear material properties with regard to static requirements and durability or operational reliability
  • Thermomechanical analysis by adjusting temperature fields from CFD analyses
  • Verification of assemblies, parts and machine components in accordance with standards and guidelines such as EN, DIN EN, DIN, GOST, ASME, IS, VDI, Eurocode, and Germanischer Lloyd, among others
  • Weld verifications in accordance with DVS, FKM-guideline, Eurocode, BSI, and IIW
  • Determination of reaction forces/moments and their spatial distributions or mass inertias
  • Verification and layout dimensioning of laminates or bonded connections
  • Bowing and buckling stabilities of components
  • Ductility investigations for parts subjected to low temperatures

Structural Dynamics

  • Modal analysis to determine eigenmodes and eigenfrequencies
  • Frequency-response and resonance analysis
  • Short-term dynamic analyses to simulate collisions with obstacles or oil deflagrations/explosions in the case of a transformer short circuit, for example
  • Simulation of shock and vibration tests

CFD Simulation

  • Finite-volume method for investigating flows
  • Calculation of temperature fields and gradients
  • Determination of aerodynamic loads by analyses using computational fluid dynamics (CFD)


  • Design engineering for design optimisation of parts and assemblies in terms of mass, stiffness and vibrations at an early stage so as to meet mass and installation-space requirements
  • Production optimisation by adjusting weld types or laminate structures
  • Support in identifying the causes of damage

Software Used

  • Hyperworks
  • Radioss
  • Optistruct
  • Fatevas
  • MDesign


Dr. Daniel Franitza

Daniel Franitza
Proprietor, Dr.-Ing. habil. in Mechanical Engineering, specialising in applied mechanics and mechatronics; experienced analyst and creative problem solver; project manager
Telephone +49 (0)159 04 22 02 25

Bernd Epperlein

Bernd Epperlein
Proprietor, Dipl.-Ing. in Mechanical Engineering, specialising in applied mechanics; experienced and pragmatic analyst; project manager
Telephone +49 (0)159 04 22 02 24


You can find our office at Technologie Centrum Chemnitz (TCC), Annaberger Str. 240. You can get directions in Google Maps.



FE-Union Daniel Franitza und Bernd Epperlein GbR

Annaberger Str. 240
09125 Chemnitz

Telephone +49 (0)159 04 22 02 24 Email bernd.epperlein@fe-union.de

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